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Lego's David Robertson © SIF 2016 0

Swiss Innovation Forum 2016

The 11. Swiss Innovation Forum took place last week in Basel under the motto “Play” and attracted over 1,000 decision-makers from Switzerland, southern Germany, Vorarlberg and Alsace. Attendants from business, science, research, education, politics...

Record carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere mark the start of new era of climate reality. (Image credit: Kim Seng, flickr/Creative Commons) 0

CO2 record ushers in new era

The global increase in carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere to 400 ppm has ushered in a new climate area, concluded scientists from the UN’s weather agency. As Elke Bunge reports, carbon dioxide remains...

Atmospheric carbon dioxide values are typically at their lowest in September. Not this year. Experts warn that we have now permanently exceeded the symbolic 400 ppm threshold. (Image credit: kris krüg, flickr/Creative Commons) 0

CO2 red line is crossed

This September has set a new, tragic record for carbon dioxide levels. Change hardly seems possible in the face of such permanently high levels, especially as other negative records are piling up. Elke Bunge...